IT service management (ITSM) is the process of managing and delivering IT services within an organization. ITSM provides a framework for systematically monitoring, measuring, and managing the performance of IT services.

It also helps to establish and enforce policies and procedures governing the provisioning, use, organization, and management of IT services. This helps ensure that IT services are delivered consistently and reliably, meeting the needs of the organization’s users.

IT helpdesk services can be used to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s IT infrastructure by ensuring that resources are properly allocated and managed. In addition, effective ITSM can help to prevent or mitigate common incidents in an organization’s IT environment.

Effective management of IT services requires a whole-system approach that integrates across all aspects of an organization’s technology infrastructure.

This includes proper planning and budgeting, procurement and acquisition processes, governance structures, operational procedures, facilities management, human resources management, information security management, telecommunication infrastructure management, software development life cycle processes, as well as data center operations and maintenance.

ITSM establishes processes and procedures that optimize the use of technology and the services built around it. It covers everything that falls under the IT umbrella, from incident resolution to the implementation, management, and operations of hardware and software.