It is now a necessity, not just a luxury, that startups have a well-functioning and well-designed website. This is mainly due to the fact that its presence is very helpful in building an image that will get the approval of the target audience. It's also important to note that a company email account should be created for all users with a website.

The beauty of having a personalized email account is that, unlike shared email accounts, businesses and employees can get a more professional look with a personalized email that is run from their own domain. It also prevents the risk of the sent emails being automatically treated as spam by the recipient's email service.

Another benefit that businesses can get with this option is high email reliability. Most of the business email hosting services are hosted on multiple server failover clusters which provide backup performance which is essential for running a business smoothly. It is imperative that the corporate email service is always active and ready for correspondence with business and market partners.

Best Email Hosting Services Comparison 2020: See Who Wins!

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Plus, email hosting is convenient and a real cost-saving tool. The plans are very affordable and can support network, POP3, IMAP, and SSL access so owners and/or employees can use a browser or other email software such as Microsoft Outlook to access their email. Monthly rates are manageable too, so even small businesses can make this investment for reliable and completely professional contact correspondence.

When it comes to security, email hosting has much stricter guidelines for keeping important account information secure. The hosting service even offers encryption functionality for email connections for maximum security. Covert operations and financial e-mail exchanges are well protected from hackers.