Do you think of your pet as an asset, a member of the family, or something else? When a couple divorces parties usually fight over their pet inside and outside of the courtroom. 

It's surprising that the courts have only recently started to express their opinions about pets in courtrooms. You can look at to hire an animal conflict lawyer.

Can Family Court Force Pet Custody on Unwilling Spouse?, Divorce

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The majority of divorce courts view pets as property under either the law of property or the laws which regulate child custody. Courts may value pets as property while not ignoring the emotional bond and significance of pets in determining the fair market value of the pet. 

Fair market value takes into account the pedigree of a pet, the price of purchase, its health, age, pregnancy status, any prize money the pet has received, and the cost of purchase of its littermates. 

It is unfortunate that this amount rarely matches the value that an owner of a pet would pay to a mixed-breed animal or a pet that was adopted from shelters. When you consider Pet costs as well as food, training, and grooming, a pet's owner might believe that this value isn't just a way to compensate for the loss of a pet during a divorce.