Folic acid is a part of vitamin B9 which is water-soluble, also known as folate, which helps in helping our body produce new cells. This is responsible for helping to make sure our bodies remain healthy.

Folic acid and dietary folates play a key role in reducing the high levels of blood homocysteine which are a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. You can buy the best folic acid for you via

However, it is more important that women use vitamin folate than men because it may also help in the prevention of serious birth defects in the brain and spine of your baby during pregnancy.

Vitamins can also help fight several other diseases. Although research is still limited to how well it can help, vitamins can help in your damaged body DNA.

Another reason you might want to consume vitamins is that it can help in minimizing the effects of Alzheimer's disease by protecting the brain from the same high homocysteine which can cause heart disease and stroke.

However, not everyone can eat enough food and vitamins that our body needs. Are we busy with life or don't care much about food that contains specific vitamins that our body needs, we often ignore what is best for us. And as a result, our bodies will eventually begin to be closed.