After you have registered your domain, the next step is to choose your web hosting provider. It can be difficult to find the best web hosting deal. Many companies offer web hosting services. You will find more than 100,000,000 results if you search Google for the keyword "web hosting". You can check online the best Hawaii website design & development from Honolulu web design company to get the right web hosting services.

Reliable web hosting is essential if you are to establish a strong online presence. Your website must be accessible and online at all times. If you don't, clients and prospects will leave your site. This is how a traditional business would look. If your shop is "offline", your domain name is the shop's name, and your business space and infrastructure are your web hosting. Imagine a cafe without electricity for an hour or a fast-food restaurant with one employee.

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Your site type will determine the web hosting plan you choose. If you have a personal website, the website for newsletter subscription, and archives or e-commerce site, you won't be able to choose the same hosting plan. There are four main types of web hosting: dedicated server, collocation, reseller, virtual (shared), and dedicated server. These are the most popular: dedicated server and virtual (shared).

Virtual hosting (also called shared hosting) is where multiple websites are hosted on one server. This hosting is usually the most affordable because it allows multiple users to share the costs of the webserver. Quality virtual hosting starts at $100 per year

A dedicated server is a type of hosting in which a company leases the entire web server from a web hosting company. The web server is located at the web hosting company. A dedicated server is the best choice for companies that don't wish to share their server with others.