After purchasing an LCD TV, the next thing you need to know is how to display it at home. There are many options, including mounting the TV on the wall or placing it on a stand. 

A professional is the best way to mount an LCD TV on a wall. This will ensure that your Samsung LCD TV is securely mounted and won't fall to the ground. It will also prevent you from wishing for a broken LCD TV.

Ask the shop where you purchased the unit if they can send someone to set it up. These people are better equipped to install such devices correctly and efficiently than those who work in electronics stores. You can also book an expert for the best tv wall mounting service  online according to your requirements.

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First, locate the exact spot on the wall where the television will be placed. Make sure to use a stud locater to ensure that your wall mount is properly installed into the stud. This will ensure that your LCD TV is securely mounted on the wall.

Once you've located the studs and marked where they should be positioned for mounting, it is time to mount the wall mount. You will need to attach the wall mount to the wall with as many screws as you can. 

To reduce the weight at each mounting point, you will need to use more secure points. This allows the LCD TV's weight to be distributed evenly among the anchors. Your wall mount will remain stable for the TV.

This is the most difficult part of the installation. Once you have attached the screws to the wall mount and set the studs, your Samsung LCD TV can be placed on the mount. The next step is to hook up and plug the TV. The cable lines shouldn't ruin your stylishly mounted TV.