Muslin is a type of fabric produced from cotton threads that are scratched and come from India. This loose woven cotton fabric was introduced to Europe in the 17th century. The fabric is very light and very airy. Because of this characteristic, it is very suitable for use in places with hot and dry climates. Muslin's backdrops for theater and photography purposes.

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Today, besides sewn as a clothing, the use of muslin cloth in theater and photography is very common. One of the advantages of using this material is that it can carry very well and when treated by using the right method, it can be made transparent. The fabric is often dyed with abstract, mottled patterns. Because of shrinking after the dyeing process, it will develop a wavy pattern and varied color gradation.

For the theater set, the use of muslin background can create a different mood for different scenes. The use of fabrics for the most common theater needs is to create a variety of moods from the night scene. During the era of silent film, when cinematography has not been very advanced, the muslin background is used to spread lighting for indoor scenes. Cheap video productions often make use of the fabric as a greenscreen or bluescreen.