Aftermarket exhaust systems can be a great way to improve the performance of your car. These can be used to enhance the performance of your car, as well as for cosmetic purposes.

The exhaust system from functions in the same way as a man's respiratory system. It allows the various gases from the engine to exit through the exhaust tubing. 

The lungs help to expel carbon dioxide from the body. We will die if the gas doesn't exit the body. You know what happens next.

To make an engine run more efficiently, exhaust piping should be larger in diameter. This allows gases to exit faster and is easier to flow through. This is the benefit we get when we replace an exhaust system that was factory-fitted with an aftermarket system. 

They provide a greater diameter of piping which allows for lower exhaust pressure. This results in higher horsepower, but a smaller bore-size pipe slows down gas movement. The best way to increase performance is not to fit the largest bore size pipe. 

This can lead to a loss of low torque and may cause engine problems. However, the optimum size will vary depending on the type of engine used.

The normal exhaust system has a problem in that it uses a crush bent exhaust tubing. This means that the exhaust piping is covered with spiral rings. Because of this, the diameter of the exhaust piping remains uneven. 

High-performance exhaust systems generally use mandrel-bent exhaust tubing, which has a constant diameter throughout the system.