Lower back pain can be treated with many different methods. Because of the variety of causes of lower back pain and their severity, each case requires a unique treatment plan. It is difficult to determine if medication, rest, or surgery are the best treatment options for lower back pain in every case.

Doctors hope that non-invasive treatment, rest, and therapy will suffice to treat most lower back issues. Because prescribing pain medication, therapy, and rest does not mean that the condition is stable enough to warrant surgery.

This is good news for both doctors and patients. Given the possible complications, it is not a good idea to put your life at risk for surgery. If you are seeking the best lower back pain doctor then you can search various online sources.

There are times when surgery is the only option for lower back pain. A herniated disk is a condition in which the disc has become so damaged that it is pressing on the nerve roots around its location, causing severe and constant pain.

This is when medication and rest may not be enough to address the problem. If the herniated disc is in a more advanced stage, epidural injections may not provide sufficient relief. In these cases, surgery may be the only solution.

Lower back pain can be treated with a variety of back surgeries. The protruding spine disc can be trimmed to reduce the pressure on the nerves in the mildest cases.