People sleep about 8 hours a day and aside from sleeping we also spend a lot of time in our bed. This is the main reason why our beds get dirty faster than other furniture. Hair, dead skin, and spilled food are some of the most common causes of dirty mattresses. 

You should know that cleaning the mattress is an integral part of your cleaning job. Here are some tips of expert mattress cleaning to help you keep your mattress fresh and clean:

You can use a protective cover to protect the mattress area. Always use covers that are easy to remove and wash. This way you can clean it with the help of hot water and make it fresh and healthy.

Manufacturers recommend turning the mattress over at the beginning of each month and then every two months.

The mattress should be vacuumed monthly with a detergent pod.

Immediately clean up all spilled liquid as the spilled liquid will cause pollution within 48 hours. So immediately eliminate accidents. Mould grows quickly on wet surfaces and can be detrimental to your health. Make sure the mattress is completely dry before putting the mattress back on the bed.

Hire a professional to clean your mattress every 3 months to keep it clean and extend its life.