Surplus tents are available in different shapes, sizes, and room numbers. There are tents on the market for 8 to 10 people with up to 4 rooms. These tents usually have a living room, bedroom, and one or two partitioned areas on the veranda.

The veranda area is ideal for storing equipment or as a crowded bedroom or as an indoor dining area protected from mosquitoes and other pests. To get more details about buying surplus tents you may check this out now.

Surplus Tents

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While tents are not as fancy as dedicated hotel rooms, the simple fact is they are portable and relatively inexpensive. A tent large enough to accommodate a large number of people is very easy to move from place to place, and tent installation costs are minimal in most locations.

Because tents are so versatile, it's easy to see why they are so valued by much of the camping world. Of course, there are several conveniences that buyers should always look for.

Customers should always look for tents that use aluminum poles. Fiberglass is common but prone to breakage. Aluminum poles are the most enduring choice and don't sacrifice portability for durability.

Customers should also look for tents that are double stitched. Double stitch and fold stitch are two ways to ensure water doesn't stick in place. Most tents are water-resistant by nature, but if the seams are not double-stitched, water can still seep into them during prolonged rainfall.