When you need to have the car transported to the UK or European destination you may be surprised by the number of companies offering such services. How do you decide which ones you can trust to do the job properly? Here are  things you need to check:

1. Who will you face? If you want to ensure complete efficiency and accountability pick a vehicle transportation company that will handle the entire job themselves. Some companies simply act as a broker and pass your car to the other contractors. If you are looking for Car Transportation Company then check this www.carsincamera.com/covered-car-transport/.

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2. Can the company guarantee to meet the delivery deadline, and provide same day signed a proof-of-delivery?

3. What kind of transportation do not use the company? Open transport vehicle that will expose your car to the elements and accidental damage? Or custom-built, air-suspended, closed transport for protection and maximum safety?

4. Is your car is fully insured to cover the actual market value?

5. What is the use of real time vehicle tracking company so always know exactly where your car?

6. Can the company guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion?

7. Who will be responsible for your car? Does the company employ only trustworthy, professional, very experienced driver?

8. Is a well established company with specialized knowledge of the transport cars? 

10. Who recommended the company? Each company is proud of its reputation would be only too happy to supply original, checkable testimonials of his satisfied customers.