Although often overlooked, a day without tissue products is unthinkable in most of the world. Bath towels, paper towels, face towels, paper handkerchiefs and napkins play an important role in our basic daily hygiene, cleanliness and comfort. They are very effective in maintaining cleanliness by preventing the spread of dirt, germs, bacteria, viruses and disease. You can easily get the bamboo tissue at

Global health experts say hygiene is the single most important factor affecting human health worldwide. Without cleanliness, there is no health and without health, there is no life. Just look at paper towels, for example.

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In a report, the authors stated, From a hygienic point of view, paper towels are better than electric air dryers and should be recommended in places where hygiene is paramount, such as hospitals and clinics. Many studies have shown that friction and mechanical abrasion are key components in drying hands to remove dirt, and microbiological tests after use have shown that many bacteria have been transferred from hands to paper towels.

Whatever type of tissue you’re talking about – bath towels, paper towels, face towels, napkins, and commercial and industrial wipes – they all help prevent the spread of dirt, germs, and disease. It’s simple: Wipes are a simple and inexpensive way to achieve cleanliness and comfort.