There is no doubt that the commercial real estate market is under some pressure and change, but all that is good news for all of us as agents. This is why clients should consider using proven, successful agents to help them with their property needs and challenges. We are an agent market and both property investors and clients need our services.

Despite all of this, it's interesting to see that some clients still try to lease or sell the property (called FSBO or For Sale by Owners). They don't have the market penetration and knowledge required to sell or lease a commercial property

Agents will continue to be able to target these self-promotional FSBO owners as part of their prospecting model. These property owners are often unrealistic about prices, rental rates, and marketing strategies. These property owners believe that the agent should cover everything and they will drop the commission.

Local agents have local market knowledge and the experience to help clients. You'll be able to provide information about pricing, rental rates, incentives, as well as marketing strategies.

Your database of qualified prospects will always be of high value to the clients that you serve. Ongoing prospecting will have identified property buyers, tenants, and investors that all like to know about quality listings. Your database is full of that detail and is the most important part of your business model.