Macarons can be made in an infinite number of flavors. Dry flavorings like dried, ground lime, lemon, or orange zest are great for flavoring the shells.

You can also use ground pistachios or any other nut in place of half of the ground almonds. You can also get more information about Custom Macarons.

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The majority of the flavor of macarons comes from the stuffing, which is usually butter, fruit yogurt, preserve, or truffle.

Use several types of chopped nuts, cold fruit powder, or coconut flour to flavor the shell.

Things you need to know before giving macarons souvenirs:

1. macarons can be made in any color:

To make it stand out, make it (or order) a color that matches your color palette.

2. You want to maximize the freshness:

You should store macarons in the refrigerator and an airtight container. Let them warm up on the table for at least fifteen minutes before serving.

3. Enjoy as soon as possible for maximum taste:

macarons are best enjoyed as soon as possible and should be consumed within a few days of purchase. For example, if you buy a ton in bulk, you need to plan and prepare it at least 3 to 5 days before the wedding. 

If eaten after about five days, they tend to be tough and chewy, unpalatable, and flaky.