Yoga is "preventive medicine" for both children and adults. But the world is not taking precautions. Just look at hunger, global warming, healthcare, and poverty. Now you can see that some people are taking action, but not many.

Educating the public about the many benefits that children experience from practicing yoga is a full-time job for some yoga teachers. Although most people view yoga poses as an "easy" form of exercise; there are many other aspects of yoga practice as well.

Children can also learn the Concepts and Techniques of Holistic Yoga via

The Benefits of Yoga - Sender One Climbing

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Yoga is a holistic approach to health. Yoga teaches proper breathing, diet, exercise, meditation, relaxation techniques, and many other natural remedies for health problems.

Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine have the practice of nutrition based on one's constitution or dosha. The same classification can be made for exercise routines. An Ayurvedic doctor will most likely recommend specific exercises based on the patient's dosha.

The whole approach to yoga and Ayurveda is based on precaution. There are also "harm reduction" solutions when a person has a pre-existing disease, but any doctor can agree that many of today's health problems are preventable.

As parents, we have many choices, but it is a responsibility to develop good health habits in our children. Parents are role models, and every child imitates the pictures you create for them.

Yoga classes for children are a gift to parents for good health. Yoga gives children a better chance to develop good habits, deal with stress, find natural remedies for good health, and live a quality life.