If you have been to a decent gym, you might have seen the big soft training ball. They may look like something included in the indoor play area of children, but if you know how to use them correctly; they can be a very effective exercise tool.

The size of the ball you use must depend on your height, and use it is very good for the strength and stability of your core. You can buy small exercise ball from various online sources.

Is it a sports ball?

This is a large rubber ball made with strong PVC, plastic, or solid foam rubber. They are used by personal trainers, athletes, and physiotherapists and generally come around five different sizes.

How to use the exercise ball for abs

There are many benefits to using sports balls, such as building core strength, weight training, and rehabilitation exercises. Using exercise balls is a great way to increase your posture and balance, and become a very effective tool in terms of strengthening and developing your abdominal muscles (abs).

Using the exercise ball is more effective for working your stomach than just crunches or sitting on the floor, this is because your abdominal muscles and your back are constantly engaged and have to work harder.

Let's look at some excellent exercises that you can do with exercise balls to develop your abdominal muscles: –

Ball Crunch Exercises

His legs were not involved when doing crunches on the ball; giving your stomach muscles the exercises were very intense.

1. Lie on the ball by positioned on your lower back, your feet must be bent with your feet flat on the floor.

2. Place your hand in the position of the normal crisis, behind your head or at your temple.

3. Contract your stomach and lift your body from the ball, when you withdraw, make sure the ball doesn't roll.

4. Lower back and repeat 10-12 times.