Optimum nourishment of the calf will encourage good health and early weight gain, resulting in enhanced lifetime milk production. It's also crucial that any beef calves that are born on dairy farms get off to a healthy start, together with best practice methods in animal husbandry adopted and each the calf's nutrient needs met.

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calf health

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Newborn calves must get a decent volume of very good excellent colostrum during the first 6 months and within 2 hours of arrival. Adhere to the AHI colostrum instructions:

-Feed the first milking in the mother.

-The calf should get it over 2 hours of arrival.

-Feed three liters of colostrum.

Young calves (around 6 months) would be the most vulnerable animals in a herd. Together with good hygiene and animal husbandry, calf nutrition is an integral factor affecting their development rates and immune function.

-Milk packs should be given to calves at routine periods.

-Young calves must be fed milk twice per day until they have been at least three months old.

-All calves should be provided with a sufficient amount of clean, freshwater.

-Accessibility to cereal-based feeds may promote intakes of feed that increase growth rates and ensure great immune growth.

-For their rumen development, calves should have access to some source of fiber that is long,nd to calf starter concentrates.