Enjoy a relaxing stay in an airport lounge

While you're there, why not make your getaway stress-free by booking your holiday with airport lounge access. You can escape to a comfortable oasis in airport lounges. A stylish lounge with many excellent amenities is available.

You can also get these benefits of luxurious airport lounges at Cairo International Airport, CAI

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* For those times when you can't leave the office, fax and telephone services are free.

* Hi-Speed Wi-Fi

* Free drinks service to quench your thirst with a refreshing beverage.

* Low exchange rates for foreign currency, and no passport information.

* Continuous updates on your journey regarding gate numbers, boarding times, and final calls.

* You will receive other amazing offers such as airport parking, hotels, and car hire when you purchase Airport Lounge Access Packages.

The Airport Lounge has many advantages

Imagine yourself in a comfortable chair in an airport lounge. It is far from the airport's hustle and bustle. A complimentary cold beverage and a snack are provided. It is hard to remember if there are any emails from work. 

So you use the internet to check if there have been any. You can also use the free phone and fax services if needed. You can never predict when or how long your flight will be delayed so having a membership allows you to access airport lounges around the globe.

You may also receive other benefits.

* Care-hire Discounts

* Airport Parking

* Get a Discount on Hotel Bookings* Baggage Transit Discount

* Airport transfers – Low rates for foreign currency

* Get a Discount on Travel Gears