Animated videos are even more popular because people are more likely to attach importance to these types of videos when searching for content. However, creating a YouTube video ad campaign also involves generating revenue from your videos so that you can incorporate the Google Adsense engine into your content and make money from your videos. 

Whiteboard animation is a unique type of video that is effective in many contexts. You can see examples of different types of videos on our portfolio page. You can easily hire the professionals to boost youtube views via for your channel.

When you add a video to YouTube and write a title and description, keep in mind that there are ways to rate videos on YouTube organically. However, if you don't have the time to do it, creating a paid campaign is the next best thing.

So, plan to create content regularly and improve your video channel so that it will attract more visitors as people look forward to your next video. You can earn from the video channel by getting 10,000 above views.

The more traffic and impressions you have, the more potential revenue you will get from your video content. You might think that a penny per click on your video content isn't that much, but it all adds up over time and can generate significant passive income if you play your cards right.