For security and efficiently you are able to treat countless gallons for only pennies. What might be better for households and companies, however, UV disinfection?  

UV light disinfection is low price and rather a higher payout.  Low initial capital expenditure also reduced operating expenses in comparison with similar technology such as ozone, chlorine, and alternative goods.  

For all of us, the surroundings around us need to be protected when we want our kids to have a planet to live in and appreciate.  

Yes environmentally friendly, certainly no harmful chemicals to manage or issues with overdosing. Water won't be altered or altered, except cleaner and lovely to enjoy.  

Meaning no changes in odor, taste, ph, or standard chemistry of the water.  The following Bonus: This really does not eliminate those valuable minerals which we supplement every day to our daily diet, Zinc, Magnesium, etc.

It has the safes to work with, low electricity consumption, and keeps each of the beneficial minerals we want.  You won't need to bring an excess holding tank, only a modest blue light.

Its automated operation isn't going to require special care or hourly dimension and is totally operator friendly.  The tiny blue light runs moments.  

Everyone can do so with only a couple of simple hand tools.  Switch off the water connect water in and outside.   

Oh, next year you are going to need to take out and replace the UV lamp that will keep this wonderful, refreshing, refreshing H20.  It is so easy to alter but a couple of minutes.  

That is what it is all about, simple setup, just two water relations, and a power connection.  The electricity link requires one to plug it in.