Most of us know that used cars are usually cheaper than new ones. But we are often still afraid of this type of negotiation because we may be afraid of what we might buy. There's actually a way to go through the process of buying a good used car if you follow a few simple steps. You can also get help from Used car reconditioning software online via  

You need to know how much of a car you can afford and on what terms you will buy it. When talking to your credit union, make sure you understand the difference in rates, if any, between different car model years. New car loans are usually cheaper than the interest rates for older models. 

The lender takes a higher risk with an older vehicle and transfers some of that risk to you at a slightly higher rate. Does that mean you just need to buy a newer model? Not necessarily. These newer cars will likely cost more, so even with a lower interest rate, your payment may be higher than paying for a cheaper older model with a slightly higher interest rate. 

Of course, as with any financial product, your individual credit rating affects the interest rate on the loan you offer. Also, ask if the credit union will be promoting the sale of used cars soon. These events can give you a great place to compare deals for dozens and dozens of vehicles.