Basically, it's a timer tool that tracks the time employees arrive at work and leave at the end of the day.

It's easy to see how popular this tool is with employers with a large number of employees who aren't always ready to screen employees themselves. You can easily buy time and attendance software systems in Australia from Time & Attendance Solutions.

The master mechanical clock works on a printed schedule that contains small checkboxes that indicate the time to log in and wait.

Each employee receives a card and inserts it into the machine upon arrival and upon leaving work. When the card is inserted with the box in place, the lock lever is pulled out and the ribbon produces the timestamp printed inside the box.

Some models use a dial instead of a card and each employee chooses their own name/number and the time is recorded.

This was clearly abused by another employee and the clock "lock" was found. Each employee receives their own key so only they can log their arrival and departure.

The same technology used to access restricted areas through biometric recognition is also used in modern watches.

This technology scans people and identifies them based on different body parts or voices. When this known people scan activates the machine, the person's name is selected and the date and time are recorded.

These biometric watches contain technology for each of the many types of recognition systems, including voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, vein (arm vein) pattern recognition and retinal scan recognition.