Fashionable jewelry designs require several elements to be in place in order to succeed. They include aesthetics, cost, and perhaps simply pure luck. Threader earrings have all of these characteristics in abundance. They are also known as ear threads or ear strings, the threader earrings have a large fan base, especially for the younger generation who believe they're cool.

Threader earrings are exactly what they sound like: a length of a thin chain that the wearer threads through one or more ear piercings. The chain is attached to a small metal bar – called a lead – on one end, and the other end is adorned with decorative materials such as gems, beads, or crystals. These earrings are very popular among youths and are widely available online. One can hop over here to buy threader chain earrings.

The wearer puts the lead-in, then slides into the hole then lets the earring hang. Threader earrings look great when you have two or more earlobes since they are able to mix and match styles, and you can also tie the chains of threader earrings to create an interesting look.

The chains that are used are thin lightweight, and delicate. They generally range from 3 to 5 inches. They are typically made of metals like sterling silver and gold vermeil. Influenced by the decorative ornaments used, the themes of threader earrings' designs range from playful to sophisticated. Pearl embellishments impart a sense of elegance, while multicolored vintage crystals or flashy glass beads make threader earrings perfect for casual wear.