Wilderness therapy is a growing field of psychotherapy that uses the external environment to promote personal growth, positive change, and building self-esteem as a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

There are many different approaches to therapy as there are wilderness practitioners, but they all have the common thread, that is nature. You can also enroll your troubled teen to Montana wilderness therapy programs to help them overcome their problems.

Traditional counseling is modified to be more precise in the outdoors, whether it is engaged in horticultural activities, or explore the wilderness Oklahoma via horseback or on foot. The linkage of individuals with the larger world and others strengthened in this set time of self-reflection is also driven without the distraction of modern life such as mobile phones or television.

Therefore, wilderness therapy is a useful program in conjunction with more traditional treatments for addiction, anxiety, depression, and other obsessive behavior.

However, most wilderness therapy centers tend to be geared more toward teenagers and young adults who are having problems faced growing challenges.

The wilderness treatment center is not the same as the boot camp. Boot camp-style behavior modification approach is much more aggressive and modeled on the strict discipline of a military recruit training camp.

The private boot camp focuses on helping adolescents follow the same model and not as a more passive approach wilderness treatment center based on the atmosphere of strict discipline.