Dairy rations contain buffer mixtures that neutralize excess acid within the animal's digestive system. They give the cow's natural buffers which take place in saliva and boost their  capacity to overcome the damaging effects of too much acid generation.

There are numerous conditions where consuming a buffer supplement can provide an economically beneficial response and should be considered : If you’re looking for more information about  buffers for dairy cows you can see here now.

the best buffers for dairy cows

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High protein silage rations- These are high in moisture and soluble carbohydrates and are saturated in pH. These aspects combined with significantly less salivary secretion rise in more acidity in the rumen.

Fine chopped haylage- consequences in decreased chewing time and reduced fiber digestion in the rumen. Buffers can help keep ingestion and digestion.

Buffering the dairy ration with sodium bicarbonate can greatly help to reduce the effects of excess acidity. Tests show that ingesting a mix of MAGOX and sodium bicarbonate may maintain a more desired rumen pH and enhance milk yield and butterfat test over sodium bicarbonate alone.

Cows fed the mix buffer with MAGOX preserved their rumen pH at the near-perfect assortment of 6.2 to 6.8, greater than cows fed single buffers. Additionally, those fed the mix produced more milk and preserved a greater fat evaluation than those fed by a single buffer. 

Feeding Magox together with sodium bicarbonate in these trials gave an economical benefit of $0.95 per head every day in return over feed costs.