Cold sores typically disappear without treatment in a few days to 10 days. A lot of people opt to put off their cold sores and ignore them until they disappear. Some people decide that ten days are just too long for an enormous, painful, embarrassing, face blemish and look for medication or other remedies to make the sore more manageable. 

The first time a person experiences a cold sore outbreak is typically advised to use antiviral medicines. The pills can only be purchased on prescription, therefore the person suffering from cold sores should consult a doctor before taking them. You can also order medicines through #1 pharmacy delivery app.

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There are a variety of creams for treating cold sores. Creams that contain docosanol are extremely beneficial. Docosanol can be utilized to fight the virus HSV-1 that creates cold sores. It helps relieve the pain and helps heal the sore earlier. Other forms of cold sore treatments include creams designed to soothe the area surrounding the cold sore, and moisturizing creams that aid in reviving the skin surrounding the sore. 

Lip balms can help prevent the sore from breaking and opening. The majority of the pain relievers available like aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen are excellent cold sore remedies. They treat inflammation, bringing relief to pain. There is no treatment for sores caused by colds. There are a variety of treatments for cold sores that can make the cold sore less of a hassle and more comfortable experience.