You are ready to create a lecturer video for your business for online marketing purposes. A video that describes what your business does, how it does it, and the products and services your business provides. The challenge before you is that you are not really sure where to start. 

Follow these few steps to create your lecturer video and a video that works to increase the conversion rate for your business. For more information regarding explainer video services, you can visit

Explainer Video

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Step # 1 Survey Your Clients

Before you can make a great explanatory video, you first need to find out what kind of issues your prospects and customers are facing. Study prospects and customers to find answers to your questions. 

Step #2 Write a Stellar Script

The visual portion of the video supports the script. This makes the script the most important part of settling together with your explainer video. This is the message in the script that is supposed to boost conversion rates. 

Animated videos are the only support information that helps explain what a message is. Use the primary problems and issues found with your survey to create an outline for the script. 

Step #3 Hire a Video Company

Next, find a company that specializes in making interpretive videos. You can also interview video companies that have experience working with other companies in your industry. Working on the visual part of the video is the job of the video company. They also work with the voiceover professional to obtain the file they need to combine the video with audio.