Seascapes have always been a favorite sight for acrylic, watercolor, and oil artists. Seascapes can be windy, stormy, calm, rocky, sandy, or calm. There are only techniques you can use to create your seascape masterpiece.

The first thing to do with your unique seascape painting drawing is to outline the composition on paper or canvas. Lake pictures are usually more interesting when the horizon is not in the center of the stage. This means the sky or water will take up more space.

seascapes paintings

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For example, you are painting a landscape on an overcast day where the atmosphere is windy and rough. You've sketched the main object on your canvas and placed the outline on the horizon.

Now, using a large, soft brush, paint a thin layer of blue with purple to darken the sky. While the paint is still wet, add a touch of red to the top of the sky to make it darker.

As the sky dries up, use white with a hint of blue, purple, and red and start forming clouds. When painting clouds, keep in mind that you want them to look big and stormy.

To do this, draw in large circular motions, leaving the place where the sky appears. Your clouds should stretch deep to give a sense of depth. Take a few below lines drawn on the horizon. You can use a paper towel, sponge, or brush to soften the top edges of the clouds.