In order to create a revenue funnel for your business, the best thing is to get people to take small steps to move from one stage to the next until they are convinced to buy. This article will provide all information necessary to create the best sales funnel for your company, if still you have more questions? schedule a call to get assistance.

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What does a sales funnel actually look like?

A revenue funnel is a marketing process that maps out the customer's entire journey and follows it until they make the final purchase decision. Marketers use a funnel model to understand the entire process. A fact is that only a small percentage of website visitors will buy the products of your company. 

The entire process is divided into four sub-stages that customers can cross when they land on an E-commerce site. This model is used by most brick and mortar businesses to track the results of each stage of their sales funnel.

Learn more about each stage in the revenue funnel:

It is important to understand each stage of the sales process. So, let's start! !

Awareness –

This is the first stage of the funnel model. This stage is where people learn about your products and services. This is an interesting way for people to learn about your website. 


This stage is where visitors search for solutions to their problems or set goals via your website. It could be anything. 


It's time to make a decision, guys! This stage of the funnel is where they search for discounts or offers that people have on your products. 

Action –

This is the most crucial and final stage of your revenue funnel. This stage is where prospects start looking at the payment options on your website.