My daughter needed cosmic bowling pins. Opting for a normal bowling monster could do ridiculous.

The route provided for 12 kids in a cosmic bowl"(shoe rental included) plates of pizza and drink cups and napkins in addition to a bunch of balloons with a pin of reality for many children to register as a woman's birthday memories. You can organize family fun bowling nearby via


We've got vivid shades to reflect the"cosmic or universal" bowling alley and a component of every visitor had a bowling ball and a splendid monster at front. Consisted the vivid colors are cut into squares of cardstock slightly smaller than a CD case and cut circles with a CD for a template.

We used the hole at the CD to create the 3 holes to the"bowling ball". We hit the big circle in the square and put three little circles to create a bowling ball.


You will find embellishments on our driveway for kids. On but anniversary we must select the color of the ball and added a set of Mylar balloons. We also purchased"Monster Bash" treat bags and they had the most adorable small present inside glasses like the nose and eyebrows Harry Monster transforms every kid into a monster.

Our Alley supplied drinks and pizza, but I brought in 16 little cakes adorned with bright glazes and marshmallows pretzels to look like creatures (sweet corn in huge fangs!).

For cosmic bowling and we moved into dumb monsters (with the aid of our glasses monster component of their face) bowling on a walk through the legs rotate around roaring like critters eyes closed feet, etc.