The Universal Product Code or UPC refers to a series of numbers below the barcode that appears on the product for purchase. The Amazon Standard Identification Number or ASIN stands for a unique alphanumeric number for product identification. 

These numbers are very important for Amazon sellers because all items listed on the market are given a special number. You can view the detailed information at this link Most of the products in the store already have a UPC, which is provided by each product manufacturer.

Product manufacturers must provide these barcodes and symbols before they can stamp them on the product. Any company that wants to sell goods for resale to large retailers must have a universal code and identification number. 

This is a black and white striped identification label that can be found on all types of food, toys, and even electronic devices. The numbers make it very easy to track products in inventory systems and use them in all parts of the world.

Small companies or amazon sellers who believe that the cost of GSI membership is too high have other options. If you are a company like that, you can use a UPC distributor code and ASIN identification code for product selling on amazon.