There is a large amount of advice you can find in books and online for how to answer job interview questions, and some said to practice your interview answers with a friend, or a video of yourself so you can play it back to see your weak points. You can get interview training online via online sources.

It's good advice. But, it is always difficult to criticize ourselves constructively, and you need both practice and feedback to improve your results. The weakness in this particular plan is:

  • a friend may just tell you what you want to hear, and 
  • if you criticize a video of yourself, the problem becomes "you do not know what is your mistake and how to correct it.

If you really want to improve your skills in something, you take lessons from an expert – in other words, get a coach. Think about it. Even pro athletes, with amazing natural ability and countless hours of practice, have coaches and trainers to give them that one last push over the top for excellence.

How Interview Coaching Can Help You With The Job Hunt

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Role-playing interview with an unbiased and experienced industry expert can give so much encouragement in your interview skills that you not only do well in the interview, you can crack your interview with your confidence, competence, and style. 

Coach interview can not only help you to shape your answers to interview questions, but they can also help you turn a difficult situation into a positive one, and can help you define and develop the intangible qualities that ultimately are job-winners.

Find an expert in your field that you feel comfortable working with. Hiring a coach interview is a small investment in yourself that will pay off big for you when you land in your dream job.