Handmade Area Rugs are one of the most practical home decor solution. Area rugs can change the look of the room and gives practical benefits too, warming, softening the texture, absorbs even the loud noise and ambient.

Designers often recommend placing the carpet as a "base" decor – anchor pieces and then provide a proper basis for a harmonious furnishing, free paint, and culture-fit the decor. You can go to this site https://www.rugs2go.com/collections/oriental-rugs for acquiring more knowledge about rug designing.

Do consider that the theme of culture and the area must align. If your house dressed Asian-modern, consider adding rugs and other handmade textiles from countries like Thailand, Bali, and India.

Handmade from Mexico Zapotec rugs, hand-woven carpets from Peru, and handmade tribal rugs from North America all tend to work beautifully in Spanish-colonial, Farmer, cottages, and Southwest-themed home.

Busy interior is best matched with area rugs subdued featuring smooth and symmetrical patterns. Likewise, in a room with a focal point that has been determined (such as prominent works of art, or a dramatic fireplace), smooth, repetitive patterned carpet preferably non-competitive.

Simple interior can be highly dramatized the theme of decoration and medal style. Kashmir carpet area, Persian-carpet area, and the Andean geometric rug is an example of a complex artistic style is also suitable as a focal point.

In terms of placement, large carpets are suitable for rooms, spacious bedrooms, and a living-dining room, while small hand-made carpets are perfect in the entrance, hallways, and bathrooms.