If you are deciding to make a trip up or down the memory lane or wherever the lane leads. I am willing to bet you that you will see neon signs glowing on each and every way you go.  

There can be beer signs in the local bar or horn sign in your college town or random signs outside the theater marquee.

There can be different neon signs near your home or where you grew up. You will also see open signs through the windows down and up on the main Street. In short, neon signs are anywhere and everywhere you look. If you want to own neon signs for your room or business hub then you can click at:

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Nostalgia for neon signs - Art Projects

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Neon signs were created in the 1900s and since then they are popular and loved by everyone. In all these years, the neon light has lit the windows of garages, car dealerships, diners, malt shops, drive-ins and also the local pubs. 

Nowadays, they are still known as the beacons to the customers who want to know if the store is open or not. There is a neon open or closed signed board hanging on almost every shop now. Neon signs are also popular because they are available in all shapes and sizes. You can get customized neon signs for yourself.