The MultiPro tailgate includes many different usage configurations. The MultiPro tailgate comprises three elements: the main tailgate, a combined smaller secondary tailgate mounted on the main door, and a stop/load stage.  You can also get details about multipro tailgate through various online sources.

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Here we'll take a look at the various configurations of these features:

Main tailgate

We all know how to open a standard tailgate. Instead of the usual key grips, the MultiPro keys are rubber-coated waterproof keys. 

You can also open the main tailgate remotely with multiple keys. The main tailgate is available in two sizes: 70" or 80".

Secondary tailgate

Half of the main tailgate has a tinier tailgate that opens and wraps from the back of the truck in the same direction as the main tailgate. 

The secondary tailgate opens when the main tailgate is lifted or lowers when the main tailgate is opened.

When opened by itself, the rate limiter panel can be operated with the second tailgate. The obvious difference is that if something sticks out above the bed, it's limited by the size of the second tailgate. 

Compared to the main tailgate, the secondary tailgate is 49.5 inches wide, as opposed to the 59 inches of the main tailgate. 

The load Stop

As soon as the main tailgate is lowered, the integrated load stope can be folded up. This will prevent items that exceed the normal loading area limits from being left by your truck. Withstands an estimated load of 375 pounds.