First of all, the word psychotherapy consists of two words: thought and therapy. Mind means "brain" or "soul" and therapy means "relaxation".

So psychotherapy in Silicon Valley is about restoring the brain or soul. It can also include our physical bodies and the tendencies we create. One of the realities that we are social beings is that all of these parts of us are involved in our relationships.

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Psychotherapy can be divided into two parts. The first is psychiatry. These are studied by therapists who advise drug approval.

All drugs are psychiatric. Most Freudian therapies are also trained by therapists. The second part is counseling, sometimes known as psychotherapy. We talk about it here regularly.

The best therapy among those that emphasize our reasoning is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This trusting thinking assumes a scientific education and that the way we think affects our emotions and behavior.

There is a myriad of therapies that can help emphasize our relationships. They can be very individual and emphasize the influence people have had on us in the past (most people are critical), but they don't need to be.

Therapy changes the way we connect with certain end goals to have more fulfilling relationships. Transactional analysis is a very open and important form of this therapy.