As the global economy continues to struggle so the problems caused by bad debt continue to worsen. These outstanding debts can have a detrimental effect on a company. One suitable measure of ensuring the timely collection of the money owed is hiring a reputed debt collection service.

Collection agencies are organizations that are experienced at raising money for their client organizations. Debt collection agencies such as Access Mercantile Services play a key role here. These collection companies help clients ensure timely fundraising by formulating the right strategy and on time.

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The Fair Debt Collection Act was designed to help stop this attitude toward people in debt. Most creditors turn their debts over to debt collection agencies, who then contact the necessary persons by mail or telephone.

The online resource provides information on Georgia's fair debt collection agencies, making it easy to create a written check stating how much debt is owed and to whom, within five days of their initial contact.

After this first contact, the debtor can request that no further contact be made. For this purpose, however, a letter should be sent by official post stating that contact with the company is no longer possible.

Debt consolidation companies are a welcome help for some consumers who are struggling to make monthly payments. Several debt consolidation companies offer a variety of financial services to consumers, including debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit counseling, and budget training.

Through consolidation, debt consolidation companies provide a way to reduce payments, interest rates, and length of time to pay back unsecured debt.