Patients suffering from chronic pain are often prescribed chemical substances to relieve their pain. We're seeing an increase in chronic pain patients seeking alternatives to pain medication and to reduce their dependency on painkillers. Massage therapy is one of these alternatives.

The umbrella term massage therapy refers to a variety of techniques and methods that aim to achieve relaxation, muscle and/or joints pain relief, rejuvenation and stress relief, and/or holistic treatment.

There are many massage therapy techniques that are popular: Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Therapy, and Energy Work. You can find out more about various approaches used in medical massage therapy via

More spas, clinics, and learning centers are participating in community outreach activities. The primary goals of these outreach activities are to increase awareness about massage therapy, promote holistic wellness (mind, body, and soul), and provide free treatments.

Some spas and centers even work in conjunction with medical centers to provide massages for chronic pain patients. We recommend that you look for clinics and spas that can offer massage therapy to pain patients.

Medical Therapy Treatments

Medical massage is defined as the application of therapy treatments that aim to deal with a patient's specific problem, and can only be performed after a thorough assessment has been conducted on the patient by a therapist by specialization. This therapy differs from relaxation therapy. A relaxation type could be considered as a medical type as well.