While general LED lights at home, can also be used in street lighting. Just like other units, street lights use light transmitter diodes (LEDs) as their light source. The lamp is said to be integrated because the fixture and luminaire are in one section. To make variations, lights come in different designs. 

For example, there are several companies that use 1 Watt LED high power in their light while other companies use lower power LEDs. There are other companies that pack several shared LEDs to do the same goal as a single high power LED. LED lights have lower maintenance costs

Therefore, upgrading to LED will save the replacement cost of at least two ballasts for every fluorescent fixture converted to LED.  The unit also comes in various forms that are ideal for different locations. The shape depends on a number of factors such as LED configuration, aesthetic design preferences, and heat sinks used. 

The heat sink used in this lamp is usually similar to use in cooling other electronic devices such as computers. Just like other units, LED street lights have the age specified by light output. After the unit brightness decreased by 30%, the unit was said to have reached the end of his life.

Advantages Of Street Lights:

  • Just like other LED lights, these units have low energy consumption. Because of this, they save a lot of money.
  • Another advantage is that they have a long life and are predictable. For life, units are usually 10-15 years. They are also easily treated which means you spend less on maintenance.
  • The unit has a more accurate color rendering. It makes it easy for the driver to recognize the dangers on the road and as a result, there is a minimum accident.