When it comes to decorating, creativity is a huge factor. A decoration theme does not look good if the correct color is not used. LED lights can be used for decorative purposes due to their unique design, variation in color and appearance. You may use colour changing LED strip light for decoration.

First of all, you need to choose a lamp according to the desired color combinations of the room. For example, some people use soft colors for their TV room. If your color scheme includes colors like blue and beige, you can't use very sharp colors like red for decoration. Therefore, choosing the right color is the first thing you need to see.

The shape of the light must be adequate. If you place the LED light in your TV room and it is rectangular in terms of shape, the spherical-shaped lamp will not look very appropriate. Instead, you should use a square-shaped lamp. Size and intensity of the LED lamp according to the size of the room.

5 Metre RGB LED Strip Light Kit - Colour Changing from Litecraft

The lights should be of an intensity that is not disturbing to the people sitting in the room. Furthermore, the number of lights should also be selected accordingly.

Another area that requires thinking when using LEDs for decoration is placement. Interior decoration usually consults an expert to determine the proper location. You can place colored LED lights near the ceiling in the form of geometric patterns. Some people like lights arranged in a circle. However, you can choose your patterns, but it should not clash with the overall theme.

LED lights are widely used for decoration at events. When inviting people, you should be careful with the lighting. Colors should not irritate guests in any way. For example, if the LED light is placed just above the seating arrangement, it will become irritated. If you set the stage, you will need a lot of light. For example, you need to angle the LED so that the stage looks bright.