A truck hat is a hat that was originally a gift from a manufacturer of forage and agricultural equipment to workers in rural America. In the 18th century they were discovered by truckers who dressed because they were cheap, available at all retail stores, and sometimes cost a penny.

Today, the driver's hat is more than just a free gift and is worn by many famous personalities making it a highly respected fashion accessory.  You may also look at men & womens caps, trucker caps in Australia at Free 24 7 lifestyle.

Truck caps, unlike conventional covers available on the market, are not made of cloth and are made of two different materials. One is a plastic net for the back cover and the other is foam on the front of the lid which stands firmly.

It has extensions that are slightly curved at the front and protect most of the face from the sun. The smaller triangular piece of plastic netting and a large triangular piece of foam are connected in the center, which is fastened to the top of the cap. Due to the stiffness of the front foam, the driver's hat looks a bit sturdy and makes the wearer look taller.

These hats are often used for promotional purposes where the brand name and the contacts are printed on the foam on the front of the cap. Since there's nothing to really say no to free driver hats, these promotional hats are a great way to promote the brand not only for hat owners but for those who see it.