Until recently, I was unaware of the existence of rear-seat attachments for ATVs. Seen one for the first time at a Kolpin expo, and it blew my mind. 

All models were great, but I was the most impressed with the Kolpin Matrix Bag from Caetla. The most important feature for me was that the bag is insulated, great for ATV trailing when you want cold water.

Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag for ATVs

Why you need a rear seat for ATVs

  1. Extra storage space – for long rides is ideal, and you can pack as much stuff as needed without worrying about it.
  2. Comfortable ride for the passenger – Most rear seats have a built-in cushion and are more than decent.
  3. Waterproof – All items inside are fully protected against the weather, and this is no small thing. Sometimes on long rides, it can rain. It does not mean that the fun must end.

After I've purchased one, I took my son with me for a long ride. The trail included dirt, grass and it was mostly in the woods. We both loved it, it was a fantastic experience, and it lasted for a few hours. 

He did not complain about the ride. In the storage space, we packed some sandwiches and cold water. The water was cool for the entire ride, which we loved as it was really hot that day. Overall was a nice experience and we will do it again, for sure.