Job hunting is an important task for military personnel turning to civilian life. Some people are lucky enough to do a good job, but that's not the story of most people.

Veterans often have soft skills that employers value, such as commitment, discipline, and teamwork. You can also do the best veteran job search via

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By leveraging resources designed specifically for veteran job seekers and making the most of network connections, service members can turn these skills into rewarding careers.

Tips for easy transition easy

Start preparing early: If you're still active or booked and know you have about a year left, start preparing for your transition early last year.

Personal network development: Take care of your private network. This is important because we all know that people close to us will most likely be happy to help. However, we often take this for granted. You can only help if you know how to do it.

Be prepared for change: Remember, you are in an organization that built you from the ground up in a boot camp. This is for your adaptation to military culture. When seeking positions outside the military and within civilian organizations, it is important to remember that your culture is likely to change.

Search terms are key: You need to search for terms like hiring, human resources, jobs, jobs, and jobs in this company search.

Meet: Try to set a goal of meeting one or two new people a week for briefing.