A friend of mine, who works in the recruitment department, came up with a very interesting observation last night. He said that there was enough information and tips for job seekers, but almost no tips for recruiters to find suitable candidates through online job posting sites

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It basically talked about the frustration of finding one for the company online through a job search site. Even though he just made a statement, it really made me realize how true it was!

What is the basic field that recruiters find difficulties with? And how can they work smartly around it? Here are some important tips for recruiting online through a job search site.

It is important to know the online recruitment process. There are 2 basic ways of recruitment online. 1 – You skim through a resume posted on the site or 2 – you post your job requirements and search through responses to your job post.

The second option is clearly preferred and used by the majority of corporate and company just because it is wiser and you have more control. Now the next difficulty came. How do you present job information in such a way that you draw the right candidate?

The answer lies in choosing the right keywords and phrases and presenting requirements in a sharp and right way. Avoid using flower languages and long dramatic sentences. Save to the point. Preferably, write the bullet points to issue information clearly. The basic field must be – job description, work location, minimum qualifier needed, the quality you are looking for, minimum candidate experience and short background to the company. Give the basics and give a link for more information.

Always give a job post date. Give the contact details that you will access regularly. Quickly in replying to the response. Also, make sure you delete the job post immediately after it is filled.