For some, food is just for survival while others use food as the love of their lifetime. No matter how one perceives food one thing shared across cultures is convenience.

Busy life-changing events and the arrival of the internet have all contributed to the exponential increase of online food ordering services. Read this article to know about food ordering services.

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Many have written about the benefits and shortcomings of online food delivery service, the health freaks have raised serious concerns with respect to the increased change in lifestyle and the addiction to fast (junk) food and a wave of writers have written about the possible hazards online portals bring to restaurant owners. We will concentrate on the economics of online food ordering business

Like many innovations, online food ordering has had its percentage of problems for Restaurant owners, many a time the lack of knowledge on part of the restaurants is the only factor that stops them from benefiting from this huge market.

Website creation and the Myth Behind it:

A lot of restaurant owners think that it is very costly to create and maintain a website, the fact is providers like create and maintain restaurant website for free, yes for free all you need is a domain name.

Cost of acquisition:

Yeah, yeah we have all heard his 80-20 principles and what is disheartening is the fact that most of us ignore this rule. The cost of acquiring new clients is immense and hard to sustain for restaurant owners, smart restaurants use the influx of online food ordering website to get new customers and increase their loyal base from where they can launch.