Tax representation is not only required if the IRS is trying to knock down your door. There are many instances when an attorney can greatly benefit you and help you through difficult or complex situations. From auditing to international business for complex deductions, finding quality tax representation can help save money and in some cases, even get you out of jail. Here are a few examples of when you should have a professional to represent you.


That word can strike fear into people and can cause a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety, and fear for all involved. If you find yourself facing an audit, start to collect all receipts and paperwork immediately and consider getting some IRS audit representation. You can go alone, but it often not worth the risk or headache. Having a professional on your side can help to expedite the process so you can focus on leading your everyday life.


If this is your first complex tax return, or you have greatly increased the number of deductions, tax representation might be the best route to go to make sure you get your full rights. Many people have a fairly simple tax return with some deductions, exemptions, and other complexities. However, as you move up in your career or even open your own business, you may see this become increasingly complicated. Making mistakes can cost you a big portion of the refund, or worse-audit.


If you are starting a new business or restructuring old ones, tax representation can help you get your finances and paperwork in order. Deductions, tax employees, revenues, costs-these are all things that you have to juggle, manage, and understand when building a business. The rules are constantly changing, which is where tax representation can come in handy.