office hire plant

There are different types of plant pots available in the market, but it can be challenging to decide which pot you should choose. You need to identify the sort of plants you want to keep outdoors, and some of the factors would be the size of the plants when they're fully grown or the sort of roots they have inside. This is something that could be challenging for any layman to understand. That's why you should always go for an expert who can help you with the same.

Tips for choosing pots for office plants

If you find it challenging to find the right pot, then you must rely on office plant hire.


It is always good to choose a pot with a container with several drainage holes so that the roots can get perfect oxygen and allow the plant to grow. In addition, these holes can let the excess water flow to prevent drowning the plant.


Porous containers are those that allow your plant to move through them. And they can also include unplaced terracotta or excellent timber paper pulp other natural materials. They allow air circulation around the root's soil and cool when the evaporation occurs while drawing out excess water.


Heavy containers are challenging to move around, especially when you have to consider that soil also becomes richer when it is wet. You should go for a heavier pot for mobility purposes if you intend to change the look of your space regularly.