Ice cream is everyone's favorite. Kids love it, teens love it, and adults love it too! What's better on a hot summer day? Ice cream treat is not only preferred in the summer months, but it is also popular in the winter months! It is a versatile dessert and comes in a variety of flavors that can be combined with so many other delicacies that you will never get bored with ice cream.

You can buy a wide variety of ice creams, sorbets, and frozen yogurt from your local grocery store or even your local specialty store. But how about making it at home? This is a fun and fairly easy family project that is great for kids and will love the results.  You can also buy the best ice cream powder mix in Australia for making ice cream at home.

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You can get really creative with your ice cream – making flavored copies you can find at your local grocery store, or creating new ones. Let your imagination guide you and add a splash of chocolate, nuts, coconut flakes, and more.

The starting point for making your own homemade ice cream is rock salt. The salt helps to freeze it and keeps it creamy. Next, you need a bowl then you will of course need to add cream or milk, sugar, and flavorings to the rock salt. 

In fact, you can even make it in a plastic bag – a method that is great fun for kids but which can get a little messy. Either way, you'll be making an ice cream that you know includes all-natural ingredients and beats the taste of even the best commercial versions.