Folding arm awnings are a popular outdoor shade solution for many homes. There are some significant benefits to having folding arm awnings installed and these will be explored. Some of them include shade, retractable, manual vs motorized, durable, style, and return on investment.

Ultimate Shade Option

Awnings are a great outdoor shade option. Some types of awnings can be adjusted to multiple angles. This means that it can provide shade even as the sun sets in the sky, not just when it is at its highest.


Folding arm awnings are retractable. This means that they can be put away when not used. Awnings in their away position can be protected by the cover box.

Manual or Motorised

The basic awnings are manual and can be operated using crankshafts or pulley winding systems. There are also motorized options, which can be button or remote control operated.


Awnings are durable so they are long-lasting. They can withstand the harsh Australian sun as well as the windy, cold and wet winters that most cities are subject to.


Awnings can come in a variety of colours (dark, medium or light) and patterns (striped, filigree, mottled). This means that you can ensure the awnings fits within the decorative preferences of your home.

Return on Investment

Folding arm awnings pay for themselves. This is because they increase property value as well as slow the deterioration of furniture and household belongings, meaning that things take longer to be replaced and therefore preserving cash flow.

The above benefits of folding arm awnings are evidence of how folding arm awnings can add to someone’s lifestyle. To summarise, these benefits are shade, retractable, manual vs motorized, durable, style and return on investment.

exterior with shade from a folding arm awning